Jim Allen is a one out of the box Fisherman's fisherman, for as long as he's been breathing air it seems to have been about fishing, but not only is it fishing Jim has an air about him, a twinkle in his eye a zest for life you might say, that has him a warm no bullshit good for a laugh kind of Demeanor, He's lived and breathed fishing so much that he's been given an Order of Australia medal ( OAM ) no small feat, they are nor exacting giving these things away for a 100k Instagram followers, he earned this honor for his contribution to protecting natural fish habitats and the protection of wild fish of  Australia, so you and your kids can enjoy what he grew up enjoying at a time when Australia was a different place it is today.

It was a pleasure to meet Jim and have a coffee and shoot the breeze over many topics on and off the microphone. I hope you enjoy Jim's story. 
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