Horse’s mouth is a conversational podcast that delves into the life journey of artists, surfers and beautiful people alike


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So stoked to have had Gerr in the Captain's Chair, if you told me in high school I'd be getting to interview Brad Gerlach one day I would have said you've been smoking weed without me haven't you, you...
November 18, 2020
Ray Wilson is surfing royalty and all round good guy, having grown up on the Esplanade in Torquay, Ray has witnessed so many great events that have come to be legend in the surfing world. He was o...
November 2, 2020
Darren Dazzling Wilcock is one of those rare humans who for as long as I've known him, hasn't changed his tune - He's a walking dichotomy of absolute stoke and energy and laser like focus to someone w...
October 26, 2020
For those of you who know who Maurice is, he really need no introduction - Alas if you dont, Maurice is a family man, a environmentalist, world famous surfboard shaper and Victorian champion surfer an...
October 12, 2020
Paul 'CHICKEN' Dyer Is one of a kind, crack pot ratbag and rebel rolled into one, He's certainly had a great crack at giving life and those around him a good shake down and keeping them and in turn hi...
September 6, 2020
Sarah Fardy is a Scientist who specialises in Immunology and Epidemiology, which certainly is a hot to trot topic in the world today, In this Podcast Sarah shares her journey on how she became the for...
August 16, 2020
Mick Sowry is one hell of a human being, a true gentleman, and someone I really look up to for many reasons, his creativeness and ability to convey beauty on many different mediums - he's a moral comp...
June 6, 2020
This Chat I talk to Cara - Growing pains, mental health, work and all the things that have got her to her happy place being a Hypnotherapist at Rest Easy Hypnotherapy.....Life's a trip   
April 25, 2020
In this chat - I mention a doco that was made on what was happening in Mexico on this specific trip -- Cartel Land netflix 
April 2, 2020
Confused ??? Me too  But let me take a stab at it - it'll be outta date by time Ive finished typing with the way everything is moving  Love to All    A prepared man is worth two"  Have a listen to at ...
March 19, 2020

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